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   By Tyler lunedì 27 marzo 2006 - 17:57

Welcome to the largest article on the Internet about moviestars secretly balding and wearing wigs!
Plus: Give your comments in our Bald Moviestars Forum!

Only few women get bald, but every man will be bald sooner or later. Get yourself a seat in the back of a bus or a theatre, and shiny skulls will light your path. If hairloss occurs at a young age, it usually is not very welcome. Today there are ways to fight hairloss using for example implants or rather realistic hairpieces. This topic is a bit sensitive among the average balding men. But in Hollywood, people are behaving extremely spastic about hairloss.

Sometimes it looks like all the major moviestars have full heads of hair. Many of them do not show any sign of hairloss, even though some of them are way in their sixtees! Therefore it is very likely that many of the most famous moviestars wear wigs, rugs, hairpieces, hair-implants, hairsystems, toupets, plugs, whatever, their hair did not grow that way by mother nature. Only few celebs admit that they had work done on their hair. Going bald apparently still is a major Hollywood taboo. The effect of this is that balding actors very often get to play sidekicks, villains or nerds. This frigid way of dealing with hairloss creates a wrong image of the world, presented to millions of people worldwide. Therefore we call on the celebs of this world to openly admit that they are wearing hairpieces and implants. They should have the guts to tell us that they visit fancy hairclinics to prevent their skulls from being bald as a marble floor. To encourage them to do so, we are creating here the largest article on balding moviestars to be found on the Internet! We believe that we have found some solid evidence to demonstrate that some of the major moviestars are actually bald, see the pictures on the left and judge for yourself. Although we think the pictures are genuine, we can not guarantee they are the real thing. So we are a bit careful with our conclusions. So read and wonder, who is wearing and who is not!

In september 2002 it was the hottest gossip of Hollywood: Ben Affleck, the young, bright, larger than life star from blockbusters such as Pearl Harbor and Armageddon, supposedly lost his wig during a rough party with buddy Vince Vaughn! If this were to be true, his wonderful thick hair is fake. Soon afterwards, Affleck appeared in talkshows to deny the rumours. He even starred in a shampoo commercial in wich a pretty young lady is pulling his hair. But it was too late, and it didn't look very convincing. On the left you can see 2 pictures of Affleck. As you can see they show completely different hairlines. We conclude that at least one of these hairlines must be fake, so Affleck must be wearing a hairpiece or wig in one or both of these pictures. We blew up one of his hairlines so that you can judge for yourself. The hairs on the side originate from the skin. But the hairs on top appear not to have a beginning. They also look like they are made from an artificial material. And the density of the hair is unlikely high and the hairline is a straight line in a rather curious way.

Ben Affleck is one of the many celebrities who are suspected of secretly being bald. But because Affleck is still very young, pictures of a balding Affleck must be hard to find...

This is much different for superstar Al Pacino. At the time we wrote this article, Pacino was 64 years old. Apparently, Pacino is suffering from the most common disease among male moviestars: his thick hair just won't become thin or grey, despite his age. That is, in his movies and at official meetings, he always presents himself with loads of thick dark hair. It is even better: for the past 15 years, new hairs are growing from his skull. In movies like the godfather 3, Pacinos hair was thinning rather clearly. And that was nothing special because at that time, Pacino was almost 50 years old. But in all his movies afterwards, Pacino has a full head of thick dark hair. Therfore it is very likely that Pacino wears hairpieces in at least all his movies after 1991.

For the past few years, on several occasions, Pacino has been seen in public with relatively long dark hair, sort of covering a slightly receding hairline. But since evidence shows that Pacinos hair is thinning for at least 15 years, his new receding hairline look is probably also not real. The most convincing evidence for this is presented by two pictures that we show on the left. Assuming the man on the pictures is Pacino, by now he appears to have very thin hair on the front, or his frontal hairline has sort of disappeared. Our conclusion: without interventions from his hairclinic, Al Pacinos skull would have been bald as a babys bottom.

   By Tyler lunedì 27 marzo 2006 - 17:58

The rumour that the hair of Hollywood hunk George Clooney is not for real is getting stronger. Sources on the Internet say Clooneys current hairline differs in a favourable way from his hairline from the 90's. However, our research does not come up with any solid evidence to support this gossip. All we see is loads of old and new pictures of the Cloonster with a full head of hair. We only found a few very poor leads that could support the balding theory. First, in the second half of the 90's, Clooney had a very weird hairdo, resembling the 'combed forward' look that is used by some men who are thinning up front. They comb their hair forward to cover a thin spot. Briefly afterwards, Clooney appeared in public with his current hairdo. And that's the second lead: since about 5 years, the length of Clooneys hair does not some to change. Where variations in the hairline could indicate the use of wigs or implants, a never changing length of hair could mean the same thing. Of course we can also be in the process of discovering that a hairdresser is cutting mister Clooneys hair very regularly in exactly the same way. The strongest lead we have is that Clooneys hair is thick in an unreal way, especially if you compare it to the partially naked skull of his balding father, mister Nick Clooney. Considering the lousy leads, we are far but convinced that mister Clooney is wearing. We continue to consider him just a very lucky man.

Then of course there is your classic 70's action hero mister Burt Reynolds. He starred in great movies such as the brilliant thriller Deliverance from 1972. In the early 70's, Burt is a young Hollywood god, but with a visibly receding hairline. From the mid 70's, the receding process is stopped. Mister Reynolds appears to grow new hair on his head because all of a sudden he doesn't show any sign of hairloss anymore. But of course, nobody believes it's for real and mister Reynolds is denying he wears a wig. In the 90's mister Reynolds' full head of hair even starts to turn grey in a rather natural way. His hairline even seems to slowly recede in a very distinctive way. Then, mister Reynolds appears in the film Striptease in 1996 with a bald head. At last, Reynolds came out the closet. Of course it is a shame Reynolds had to portray a dirty congressman before taking of his wig. Anyways, hair or no hair, Burt Reynolds still is one of the most admired and loved action heroes of the 20th century. And he still looks remarkably good for a man of no less than 68 years old! Of course there is discussion about the surgery that was needed to achieve that.

The handsome young actor Matthew Mcconaughey co-stars in his movies with beautiful women like Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lopez. Apparently the guy is very charming off screen too because Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock are his former girlfriends. When in 1999 a picture appeared on the Internet that showed that handsome young Matthew gave mother nature a helping hand by wearing a wig, a new Hollywood scandal was born. Soon afterwards the discussion about celebs wearing hairpieces was all over the world wide web. If even a young actor like Mcconaughey was wearing a wig (Mcconaughey was 29 years young in 1999), who else was?

Edward Norton is the most talented actor of his generation. Period. His ability to portray hyper-intelligent psychos (see Fight Club and Primal Fear) is unmatched. But mr. Norton too started losing hair at a young age. During the first few years of his movie-career this was solved by combing his hair over his hairline resulting in a dreadful hairdo that kind of matched the sick persons he played. But for American History X his head was shaved, exposing his hairline, as you can see on the picture on the left. But on more recent pictures, Norton clearly has a different and more favourable hairline. We suppose that mega-talent Edward Norton has hair-implants on the front of his head since the late 90's.

Bruce Willis very probably wore several wigs during the past 20 years. When Willis became a famous star in the mid 80's by playing the charming private eye David Addison in the tv-hit Moonlighting, his hairline was receding rapidly. That process continued for a couple of years in a rather natural way and then it suddenly stopped. In his movies from the 90's Willis came up with all kinds of strange hairdos. In movies like The Jackal, Bandits en The Sixth Sense Willis has hairs on his head that originate in spots that were completely bald 10 years before. But rather recently Willis came out of the closet. In Tears Of The Sun he has an ultra-cool bald skull. He even showed up at the Late Show with David Letterman wearing a grass wig!

Billy Zane, the young villain Caledon Hockley in blockbuster Titanic? He is wearing a wig in that movie. The Internet is paved with pictures of Zane with a balding head because he is one of the few young stars being open about his hairloss.

An Oscar is probably not yet on its way to tall and though bonebreaker mister Steven Seagal. But as one of the very few action stars, he really knows how to put up a fight. Others might be satisfied with a few months of training Kungfu in order to do some fighting scenes, mister Seagal however is a 7th dan Aikido and the first person from the west to run and own an Aikidoschool in Japan. Because of his knowledge of martial arts he got the part of fighting instructor in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again from 1983. During rehearsals he accidentally broke Sean Connerys wrist. An other feature of mister Steven Seagal is his long thick black hair, combed backwards, fully exposing his wonderful non-receding hairline. Yeah, sure. Seagals real breakthrough was with Nico aka as Above the law in 1988. During that time, Seagals hair was so thin in front that his fans could look right through it. This of course doesn't change anything about Seagal being very much a convincing action hero, his thin hair didn't stop him from beating the living daylights out of the scoundrels. Less convincing is his hairdo in his next movie. As if it were magic, Seagal shows up with a full head of thick black hair. As of that moment his hair has never showed any sign of thinning or receding. Most Hollywood stars choose for a gradual intervention in their hair because they don't want to draw to much attention. These kind of trifles however, apparently are not Seagals cup of tea.

Is nothing real anymore? Even meta-hero James Bond is balding! Grand old man sir Sean Connery was already balding when he, at the age of only 32, starred in dr. No. A bald James Bond was too much of a modern thing in 1962 so that issue was solved with a hairpiece. Sir Sean however was not ashamed for his looks and showed up with his bald spot at interviews and press meetings. Today, Sir Sean appears on screen most of the time with some kind of hairpiece, usually a very elegant example. Actor Timothy Dalton who played Bond in the 80's also was suffering from hairloss. This was anticipated with modest comb overs, clever lighting and well chosen camera-angles. Rather strange is that Daltons hairline, although he was balding in the 80's, doesn't seem to have changed for the past 15 years. Another suspect if you will! Even Pierce Brosnan, todays James Bond, can't escape the plans of mother nature. In his first 2 Bond movies (GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies), his hairline is slightly receding. In the following episodes (The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day), his presumed bald spots are covered with thick black hair. Brosnan admitted in an interview with USA Today that he is wearing a partial hairpiece in those movies to restore his hairline. And what about the wonderful hair of Roger Moore? Mister Moore is now 76 years old and his hair looks only a bit thinner than in his younger days, but he still has remarkably thick hair for a man of his age. Our research didn't result in pictures of a balding Roger Moore, but at least the color of his hair is not real! Aussie George Lazenby who showed up only once as James Bond is supposed to be the only Bond who has been wearing his own full head of natural hair during his entire career. Even the color is real!

The list of moviestars supposedly wearing a hairpiece goes on and on. We conclude with an overview of big Hollywood names that are rumoured to have wigs or implants. We however have not done any research to support these rumours. So make up your own mind.

Da: http://www.moviestar.n-u/articles/baldmoviestarsenglish.html

   By Tyler lunedì 27 marzo 2006 - 17:59

Tough cowboy John Wayne, singer-actor Frank Sinatra, action-hero Steve McQueen, Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire, all of these heroes of a glorious past are said to have worn wigs. We all can see they often had funny hairdo's that covered their hairlines, but is that strong evidence? William Shatner, famous for his part of Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, is often referred to as a wig wearer. The 73 year old Shatner is denying. Robert de Niro, Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Kevin Costner, Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford, Hugh Jackman, Brendan Fraser, Mike Meyers, Jason Patric, John Cusack, Ethan Hawke, Jon Bon Jovi, Christopher Lee, Christian Slater, Christopher Reeve, Ricardo Montalban, David Spade, Michael Keaton, Sylvester Stallone, Willem Defoe, Charlton Heston, Rob Lowe, Jude Law, Billy Bob Thornton, Kevin Spacey, Robert Redford, Quentin Tarantino, Bronson Pinchot, Steve Martin, Charles Grodin, Chevy Chase, Chuck Norris, Harry Connick Jr, Lee Majors, Charles Bronson, Tony Curtis, Lou Ferrigno, Tom Arnold, James Caan en Billy Crystal, all of these moviestars are rumoured to have implants or hairpieces. Concerning the other names we must repeat that we did not find any solid evidence to support these rumours!


   By gusnbid martedì 04 gennaio 2011 - 12:36

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   By Tyler martedì 04 gennaio 2011 - 19:32

Adesso vedo molte vittime dell'alopecia androgenetica alle prese con quella polverina di microfibra caricata elettrostaticamente che tappa buchi anche di diversi cm e rifoltisce mostruosamente.. peccato faccia l'effetto Berlusconi (per cui si vede questa testa un po' ..vellutata e polverosa) e in caso di pioggia.. effetto zebra assicurato :D
Ah, anche sul cuscino lascia chiazze di polvere niente male (viste coi miei occhi in hotel da un amico utente) (:@) (:@)

   By Tommy mercoledì 05 gennaio 2011 - 15:21

ma com'è che è sempre "un amico" ? :ehm:

   By Tyler venerdì 07 gennaio 2011 - 20:11

Suppongo perche' le mie amiche hanno ancora i
capelli :D

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